How to Get More Customers for Your Plumbing Business by Rewarding Your Current Customers

Every plumbing business wants new customers? After all, what business doesn’t.  Some people think that the only way to get new customers is market their business to new customers.  The fact is that your current customers can easily help you get new customers. That’s because they enjoy your service and they already know people who can use it.  When you think about, they can be your best salespeople.  This is why you have to care of them well.  You already may be doing that and this blog post will outline specific ways to reward your customers so they gladly bring you in new customers for your plumbing business.

How Ya Doing?

plumbing servicesDo you have a standardized follow up set up for all of your customers?  If you don’t then you need to start one today.  This won’t take up a lot of time and you’ll benefit immensely from it.  Not only will you make your customers feel appreciated, you’ll also find out if you need to improve anything about your business. The first follow up call needs to be placed the day after you visit a customer for a plumbing call.  Call them and find out how they enjoyed your service and ask them if their plumbing problem has been corrected.  The next call needs to be made 3 months later.  Ask them how their plumbing is and find out if they need anything repaired.  Remember, everyone likes to feel important and these brief phone calls are one of the simplest ways you can make your customers feel valued. That’s exactly what you want if you ever expect them to refer you business.  You really must earn that privilege and this is a start in the right direction.

Is That Your Best Price?

Are you charging your past customers full price for all of your services? If you are, then you may lose them to your competition.  That’s because they would just love to offer them a small discount to get them away from you.  You can prevent this from happening by offering specials just for past customers.  You can even offer maintenance packages just for them at an attractive price.  Another idea is to make your coupons available for new and current customers.  Some plumbers always offer all of their customers the same coupons on their website, whether they are new or current.  This will help you retain your customer and make you look fair in the eyes of your customers.

Reward Them for a Nice Word

What do you do for customers who send you referrals?  Hopefully you more than nothing.  Customers who send you business need to be acknowledged.  The first thing you should do is pick up the phone, call them up, and say thank you.  The next thing you need to do is send them a handwritten thank you note.  This thank you note needs to include a gift certificate towards their next service call with you.  If you know your customer really well you can also include a small token of your appreciation that reflects their likes and interests.  The fact is that they didn’t need to refer any business to you, they wanted to.  It’s in your best interest to show them you appreciate that.

How to Market Your Carpet Cleaning Business to Dog Owners

Dog owners often need to get their carpet cleans.  Their dogs may be their best friends, but these adorable creatures have a way spoiling the carpet when nobody’s looking.  That’s why you need to market your carpet cleaning business to them.  This blog post will outline a few ways to successfully to start doing that today.

Who Knows Dog Owners?

carpet cleaning servicesThe first thing you need to figure out is what other businesses in your area work directly with dog owners.  Is their a pet shop in your town? How about a veterinarian or a groomer?  Is their a pet columnist in your neighborhood? Do you have a dog park in your town?  If you want to easily generate more carpet cleaning business, then you need to create relationships with these business owners.  The reason you want to do this is because you can do great cross promotions with them.  In fact, you can team up and create “puppy” packages that includes coupons for carpet cleaning, vet visits, grooming, and everything else a dog owner might need for their dog. Before you know it, dog owners will start recommending your service to their friends and family every time one of their dogs has an accident. Some carpet cleaning businesses have been known to do this very successfully, so you can too!

Put Your Advertising Money to Good Use

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach more customers and possibly save a dogs life? You can do this if their is a dog shelter in your neighborhood.  Every dog at your local dog shelter comes with an adoption fee.  In fact, that price is what stands in the way of some of them getting adopted.  That’s because some people simply can’t afford to pay the adoption fee for the dog they want. This is where you come in.  You can pay the adoption fee for a few dogs in exchange for a sign on those dogs’ kennels.  It could say: “My adoption fee has been generously paid for by ABC Carpet Cleaning Company.” That’s all you need to do.  No cards necessary.  Your name is out there and you just helped a stray dog get one step closer to finding a home.

A Furry Fundraiser

You may already know this, but people usually do business with people that they like.  Want dog owners to like you? Do something good for the stray dogs in your neighborhood.  You can easily achieve this by having a food drive for these dogs.  Call the newspaper and let them know that your business is collecting dog food for the local dogs at the animal shelter. Have a large box ready at your office and be ready to collect the food that’s dropped off. Make sure that everyone that does bring dog food leaves with a coupon for carpet cleaning. As the box fills drop the dog food off at the local animal shelter.  You can do this all month if you wanted to.  Local dog owners will appreciate your efforts and the dogs will certainly have a spot for you in their hearts.

How to Market Your Synthetic Grass Company on Social Media

Do you have a synthetic grass company that you want to see soar above your competition.  That’s definitely possible if you’re prepared and you have an active plan for success.  Part of that plan must include some form of social media marketing.  Why? The simple truth is that’s where your potential customers.  The young and old have embraced FaceBook, Twitter, and every other internet distraction there is.  This is why you need to have a presence on these platforms.  That’s where the eyes are and that’s where your information is going to be.

But What Should I Post?

synthetic grass servicesIf you’ve spend 5 minutes on FaceBook you’ll find that the top 2 things that are being shared are photos and quotes.  Sometimes it’s even a photo of a quote.  This makes it easy for you, because you have a physical product and you can start snapping pictures of it right this very second of it you really wanted to. Another good thing is that your product improves the home, is safe for dogs, and makes life easy, so you can post quotes on those exact subjects.  People want to read quotes about life being good, their dog being happy, and their home looking good.  Start collecting pictures of synthetic grass and home/life/dog quotes today. Some artificial grass companies in Fort Lauderdale post these kinds of pictures on Facebook every day.

What Else Can I Post?

Now, your campaign doesn’t have to be a photo and quote free for all.  You can also post credible articles on synthetic grass from a 3rd party source.  This will make you look like a synthetic grass expert in the eyes of your potential customers, because you’re sharing information that they need.  Now, you don’t want to share synthetic grass blog posts from your competition.  You do want to find articles from independent researchers and leaders in the synthetic grass field.  A post from a synthetic grass council, or foundation, independent blogger, or synthetic grass producer are all perfect for you to share on your page.  These postings will keep your page balanced and interesting.

That’s a Photo Op!

Now that you’re going to post photos of synthetic grass on the social media platform of your choosing, you need to be ready to take photos.  Have you camera or iPhone ready when you’re at a job site.  Before and after photos of yards and lawns are exactly what you’ll want.  You can also take photos of your customer playing with their dog on their new yard or having a good time with their friends and family. Now you need to space out your photos.  Don’t post them all at once.  You really want to have new images to share throughout the month, so space them out.  You also need to post the before and after photos side by side.

Grow Your List and Get Reviews

Once you’ve established a following of potential customers on social media and have created a relationship with them you can start growing your customer list.  You can do this by asking them to join your email newsletter.  Simply post up a signup link and reward them with a coupon. Let them know how signing up for your newsletter will benefit them.  You can also start to ask for reviews on the review sites that you’re signed up for. Post links to the ones you’re on and ask for honest reviews.


How to Make Your Med Spa Stand Out from The Crowd

Do you want your medical spa to stand out from the others ones in town? Would you also like to get some of the attention that competing businesses are getting? The fact is that you do need to have a plan to keep your medical spa in the eyes of your customers, because other medical spas aren’t the only businesses competing with you. Weight loss clinics, day spas, i-lipo clinics, plastic surgeons, and other place of business that offers some kind of physical “transformation” are your customers other options.  The good thing is that there are things you can start doing to build strong relationships with your customers and the community today.  This will make you more likeable and the obvious choice to do business with when the time comes for someone in your town needs a day for themselves.

Time for a Followup

med spaWhat happens after someone leaves your office? How do you follow up with your clients after their appointments? What about your prospective clients who just come in for a consultation? Do these people ever hear from you again? If you’re waiting for them to call you next you’re making a mistake, because your competition could be calling them or mailing them a coupon for their services.  If you want to stand out for anything it should be standing out for being caring and considerate.  That’s because people want to feel important and your customers are no different.  You can follow up by phone and mail and you should do both.  If someone takes the time to show up at your office, you can take the time to make a phone call and go to the post office.

The follow up phone call for customers and potential customers should be the day after they leave your office.  When speaking to your customer ask them how they’re feeling and if they enjoyed their treatment.  That’s all you need to do.  This isn’t a sales call.  It’s a follow up call.  They’ll appreciate the extra attention that you’re providing. When you call the prospective customer who dropped by your office ask them if they have any more questions and why they’re interested in your medical spa.  In both cases you’re creating familiarity with your customers.

The next step is to mail up some follow up information.  This can be anything that makes someone want to go to your medical spa.  You can send your current and prospective customers a copy of a recent article in the newspaper, a copy of a an informative blog post from your website, or some coupons. You can also send your prospective customer biographical information on you and your staff and interesting information about your medical spa. This will help build your credibility and will create more familiarity. If you offer botox in Jupiter, FL at a special rate, then include that in the follow up information.

Thank You

Want to know one of the easiest ways to create familiarity and make your customers feel really important? The answer is simple and you may not even being doing it.  A simple thank you note says so much in few words.  It shows you care and makes your customers feel appreciated.  Here’s your new rule: every appointment gets a thank you note.  This is easy, takes very little time, and is a sure way to set yourself apart from other businesses in your area.  Think about it. When was the last time you received a thank you note from a business? Your customers will be pleased and you’ll be on their mind the next time someone asks for a medical spa referral .

How to Make Your Airport Transportation Business Card Stand Out

Do you have a stack of business cards on your desk right now? What got them there? More to the point, what saved them from the garbage can? There’s a reason you saved them.  After all, you could just as easily get that information from the internet if you wanted it.  The fact is the cards that made helped you make personal connections with other people in business.  There are ways to make your airport transportation card stand out.  This is important, because you want your customers to keep your cards, not throw them away.

What Information Did You Include?

airport transportation servicesDoes your airport transportation business card include your phone number, email, and address? That’s good, but guess what? That’s the type of information that everyone puts on their information.  Yours needs to be different.  Your business card should include all relevant social media information for your business.  That’s where your customers spend time and that’s where they want to find you.  So, make it easy for them and put that information right on your card.

Now, you don’t have to include every social media handle you have and you don’t have to include all of your phone numbers either.  Your business card is small, so only include information if it’s necessary. Customers don’t visit your office? Don’t include your address.  Do most customers call your cell phone? Don’t include your business land line number.  The point is, your contact information shouldn’t take up all of the on your business card.

Make Me an Offer!

Your business card can do double duty as contact information and as a special offer.  In fact, it’s pretty easy to do.  You just have to create a page on your web page for special offers and have that URL printed on your business card.  Here’s the thing. You can have your special offer page designed so that people have to type in a code in order to open it.  Simply print this code alongside the URL on your business card and your customers will keep your card for a very long time.

You can also make your business card a discount card.  You can have a few blank boxes printed on the back of your card that you can stamp after someone uses your airport transportation service or sends you a referral. After they’re all filled in you can give them some kind of discount. Guess what? As soon as that card is filled up your customers will ask you for another business card.  If you have an airport transportation business in Stuart you may want to give  extra stamps for people who live in Stuart.

I Like the Way That Looks!

Does your card look like every other card? It doesn’t have to and it shouldn’t.  You can make it stand out by including a photo.  This photo can be you or your airport shuttle, but a really great photo would be you and your happy customers.  This will make your card stand out and create credibility because you’ve given them proof that you have happy customers.


How Your Advertising Business Can Effectively Use the Radio to Bring in More Customers

Are you looking for more customer exposure in your local area? Would you like to develop familiarity among the businesses in your town? If you have the budget for it, a spot on the radio may be right for your advertising business.  So, if you’re like most businesses you want to get the most for the money and that can be done if you use radio advertising effectively.

Didn’t I Just Hear That Commercial?

Have you ever listened to the radio and heard the same commercial more than once on the same day and multiple times during the same week.  If you have, then that business picked a good radio station to place their ad, because you’ve heard their ad repeatedly.  While it may be annoying to listen to these commercials over and over again, it’s just what the business needs. It’s sort of like a little reminder throughout the day in case you forgot about the last one you heard.

This is exactly what you need to consider when picking the radio station you will work with.  Interview several of your local radio stations and find out how many times the same person will hear your radio spot throughout the day.  When talking to the radio stations find out how many times a day their audience turns over.  You’ll usually get a better bang for your buck with the station that has a lower audience turnover.  This is because it’s more likely that the same audience will hear your ad multiple times throughout the day.

What Time Will You Be There?

advertising sorrowsDid you know that the time you place your ad can make a difference in the amount of listeners that hear it? You can sort of it compare it to how ads on the front and back of magazine get more attention than those that are scattered throughout it.  Now, for most radio stations the morning and afternoon is when they have their largest audiences.  These spots are usually the most expensive, but they can be very effective.  If your budget doesn’t allow for one of those spots you can get an evening or mid afternoon spot at a lower price.

No matter what time you place your ad spot you can get more attention by having the the announcer do a live tag after your ad.  This will be after your ad and usually goes something like “That’s today only at the mall food court.” Another reason you want that live tag is because it’ll increase the likelihood that your ad will be last which is when most people are tuning back to the radio station.  You can also change your tag every day and give it to them as late as possible so they don’t record it beforehand. If you have an advertising company in Stuart, FL, then you can make your tag include information about the beach.

Give It Away Now

Do you really want to work wonders with your ad? Do on on-air giveaway. Since you’re an advertising business this can a gift certificate for your services or a free spot in your publication. This will get more people’s attention, create familiarity, and make you look generous in the eyes of your community.


What You Need to Remember When Advertising Your Garage Door Business

If you’re reading this blog post, then you most likely want to streamline the advertising of your garage door business.  That’s smart, because you need an efficient advertising program to bring in new garage door leads. Now, there are tactics you can put into practice that you can use to improve your garage door advertising programs.   The good thing is that you can start using most of them today and you’ll find them in this blog post.

What Did You Leave Behind?

garage door repairIs the only thing you leave your customers with a bill? While this is what most garage door repairmen tend to do, you can do one better. In fact, it’s really easy to do so.  You just have to have some promotional items made.  You can have a variety of them made so you can have something different to give each time you visit the same customer.  These promotional items can be keychains, refrigerator magnets, and pens.  Really they can be any useful item with your business information that your customer will enjoy.

You see, giving is one of the keys to success in life.  This small gesture of giving your customer something extra will set you apart as a garage door company that’s always thinking of their customers.  Who do you think they’ll mention if one of their friends ask them for a referral for garage door repair? Most likely it will be the company that they like and this is a great way to show your company is likeable and enjoyable to work with.

Did You See What He Was Wearing?

What do you wear when you meet a potential client for the first time? What do your employees wear when they go to a customer’s home to fix their garage door? This is something you need to consider every day, because the way you dress is a representation of your company.  You need to set a standard for dress for everyone who works for you.  Everyone must be neatly dressed and have a professional appearance if they’re going to interact with customers.  Think about it this way.  How would you feel if a repairman came to your house to fix something and they looked like a complete mess? What if their clothes were stained and wrinkled and they weren’t even wearing a belt? It’s safe to say that you most likely would be put off.  That’s why you need to be sure that everyone in your organization is dressed for success. After all, this is the simplest way to advertise your business and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

We Can Beat That!

Your customers are smart people.  They can look up your competition and see how you compare to them. The fact is that your website isn’t the only one that they’ll look at when they are looking for garage door repair.  That’s why you can be one step ahead and create a comparison sheet.  This sheet needs to highlight what makes your garage door company different and how your service is better.  You can put this sheet on the homepage of your website.  This will make it easier for your customers to choose your service.  It’s just like a silent salesperson. For example, If you offer roll up doors in West Palm Beach and you also have residential door services in a nearby area in FL, then you should include that in your comparison sheet.  The more you can differentiate yourself the better.

Is it Possible for a Hospital to Go Bankrupt?

In some parts of the world, hospitals are run by the government, and are financially supported by the government, so they do not need to worry about making a profit. However, in other parts of the world they are either independent, or even physician-owned, and therefore they are dependent on the money that they make from health insurance and private patients to ensure that they stay open.

It is possible for a hospital to go bankrupt, and there are a handful of hospital bankruptcies each year, although given the number of hospitals out there bankruptcies are actually quite rare.

Bankrupt hospitals are usually quite small, and they tend not to be a member of any particular hospital network, or affiliated with a specific insurance provider. They are usually investor owned, and they depend on a steady flow of patients for their income. Usually, it is not just a simple “lack of demand” that leads to their bankruptcy, but rather a combination of things like reimbursement changes, poor cash flow, and mismanagement.

In the United States alone, 70 hospitals have gone bankrupt over the last ten years. Some of these were small hospital systems, such as the Ohio-based Forum health, which ran three hospitals before it collapsed. Several bankrupt hospitals were smaller facilities that operated in rural areas, too.

What Causes Bankruptcy at a Hospital?

Hospitals in rural areas tend to have small cash reserves and even smaller operating margins. They serve a small group of people and they do not cope well with changes to their operating conditions or unexpected challenges. Poor management can be a serious issue for these hospitals, and things like legal investigations or even changes to their billing systems can be crippling. If the hospital is relatively new, then even one scare or quality issue could ruin their chances of surviving economically.

These small area hospitals are at even higher risk as a new breed of health care providers pop up called “walk in clinics”.  Walk in clinics, such as Treasure Coast Urgent Care, allow patients to seek the medical help they need without having to wait in long times or pay out for high hospital overhead.  The result is more of the local patients are turning towards these smaller, faster, and leaner establishments.

Established hospitals often run into trouble if their buildings are old or if they need to upgrade their facilities or their technology in any way. Given the increasing move towards patient-led care, with patients shopping around for the best provider for their surgery or their consultations, it is important that hospitals are seen as clean and modern. Hospitals that are less well equipped in this regard end up being forced to cater only to urgent care patients and are missing out on a valuable revenue stream.

Competition among hospitals can vary depending on the geographic area and population density. Some hospitals may depend on payor contracts for a large amount of their income, and if they stop getting those contracts or their reimbursement declines then they will struggle to keep their doors open.

The likelihood of any given hospital going bankrupt is quite slim. The health care industry is one where demand is fairly steady, but mismanagement can ruin any business. The good news is that there’s plenty of information out there on the financial status of hospitals, so if you ever have any concerns you can look it up.

How to prepare a business plan

Financial companies and banks require a business plan writing, financial support before starting a new business. All medium and large companies inevitably prepare financial budget for next year. That should tell everyone that does not produce a written business plan is the first mistake everyone starting a new business could do.

Starting a new business without a proper business plan is like taking a walk blind in the dark, no road map or follow. It should not come as a surprise to learn that most new start-ups, thus not the first two years dashing the hopes and dreams of many budding entrepreneurs.

Benefits to contractors in the production of a detailed business plan global when some one is considering starting a new business lie strongly in the thought process that goes into producing this plan rather than the final plan itself. New start-ups should consider a business plan as a roadmap to get the show on the road.

A properly thought and written business plan for a small business should contain details on how to start small businesses. A typical plan might include a brief summary of new business sales and marketing sections, operations or production, procurement, personnel plus one financial evaluation of those plans and put real numbers on the written text.

Short synopsis should briefly describe the main activity and mention each of the main ingredients contained in the plan to achieve your goals. The rest of the business plan should support that synopsis and must be actually rather than a sales document. Sales and marketing

Should include an analysis of likely and forecast sales, competition and how they will be affected by the sale. Identify sales channels that will produce sales and sales that will occur. Section sales should specifically mention the volume of sales of each product at least the first year and the price at which each product will be sold and note all items sensitivity to unexpected events. Production and Operations Section

It depends on the type of activity and will vary depending on whether new startup business was providing services to retail, or manufacturing. Section of production is actually a detailed picture of the vehicle that will be used to generate products to be sold. Supply

Would include an analysis of how the products are to be sold would come. Volumes should be noted and supply sources specifically with the actual acquisition cost of all significant elements specified not guessed.

Personally would include names of individuals involved with brief details the knowledge, skills and experience. Section staff should also include details of people still to be recruited if the work is to be performed will be critical for new business.

Financial section of a business plan should contain a profit and loss account, preferably every month forecast for the first year at least, with perhaps a summary of the second year. In addition to the profit and loss statement of cash flows, taking into account capital introduced and stock levels should also be produced.

Sales and production numbers or purchase, including volume and prices contained in the report should be reflected in the financial report. Each major critical assumption in the plan should be subject to a financial sensitivity analysis that takes into account all risks, volume and price levels.

Process of preparing a detailed comprehensive business plan that has been properly researched has significant benefits in itself. If the business has been researched and thought through before starting new businesses is much higher perhaps it will succeed and suffer fewer negative surprises once the real work begins to generate sales and profits.